umen was started in 2015 as a ministry where a community intent on trinitarian spiritual formation and spiritual direction can thrive.  We understand spiritual formation as the work of growing into Christ-likeness through the power of the Holy Spirit under the love and guidance of the Father and the role of the spiritual director as one of companioning others towards that end.

Additionally, we also desire to bring together the domain of Trinitarian spiritual formation and the domain of missional action such that they would serve and inform each other. So often the domain of spiritual formation focuses on the shaping of a life into Christ-likeness, the contemplative life, and soul care unto themselves. The domain of missional action and the work of justice and mercy focus on activity and work and sacrifice that leads unto exhaustion and burnout and a desolate interior life. It does not have to be so. We see in the Trinity, in the life of Christ, throughout Scripture that our interior life in God nourishes our activist life, and our kingdom work of pushing back the darkness in our communities and societies shapes our souls towards depth and intimacy in our life with God.



Lumen exists to serve and equip churches, para-churches and individuals as they reflect on the trinitarian spiritual formation of all believers from different streams of the Body of Christ. Lumen also exists to encourage cultivating the interior life in Christ and the kingdom work of justice and mercy.


There are currently no Lumen events scheduled.



What is Spiritual Direction?



ur great thirst is for God:  “my soul finds rest in God alone.” (Ps. 62:1)  Spiritual Direction, also called spiritual companionship, is a relationship between two people whose focus is the one person’s life with God, cultivating that thirst and seeking that rest.

Spiritual direction is not so much about being “directed” as it is listening to the Holy Spirit, the true Director who is constantly working behind our backs, speaking  to us in every moment of the day, accompanying our ordinary daily living, our work, our relationships, and reminding us of our longing for our true home, God. He is drawing us into a deeper sense of our belovedness, of our free and truest selves as His daughter or son.

This sense of God’s activity in our lives is often thwarted, and we are distracted or numbed by the speed and volume of today’s way of living.  The soil of our lives–the pain, doubt, weakness, as well as joy, triumph, and hope—is the exact place in which we are invited into encounter with God.  Our desire in spiritual direction is to notice and respond to God.

Often individuals pursue spiritual direction during a period of discerning life choices, exploring new ways to pray, or because of a season of dryness in their spiritual life, or in order to provide space to work through a longstanding question or longing.

What Does it Involve?


In a relationship of spiritual companionship, the director and directee get together on a regular basis, usually around once a month, for an hour.  While we may open and close our time with formal prayer, silent and/or spoken, the whole hour is intended to occur in an atmosphere of listening to God and noticing what we sense his Spirit revealing:

“In returning and rest is your salvation; In quietness and trust is your strength.”
(Is 30:15b)

Your Part


The “directee” brings to this time an awareness of what has been happening in your life during the past month – the events, struggles, desires, and recurring themes that seem to be playing out. As you’ve tried to pay attention to God in the midst of these, including your experiences of encounter with him in your reading of the Scriptures and your prayer life, what have you been noticing?

Often a desire for spiritual companionship is prompted by one’s having no awareness of God saying or doing anything. Your practice of the classic spiritual disciplines may feel completely dry and lifeless; bring that as well!

Spiritual direction is “space to explore the everyday ordinariness for the presence of God and the workings of grace,” precisely at those times when “nothing seems to be happening.”
(Eugene Peterson)


Spiritual Director’s Part


A spiritual director is here to listen, both to you and to God’s Spirit, as you share. His or her role is not ultimately to be the one who interprets God for you, but to be one who helps you grow in noticing the presence, work, and invitations of the Holy Spirit.

Contemplative Spiritual Direction involves periods of silence during a session to foster quietness, stillness, and listening.

The spiritual director will pray for you in between sessions, on a regular basis. You may of course contact him or her at any time should any particular concern arise.


The network of spiritual directors offer their gifts on a one-on-one basis, in the context of group spiritual direction, on retreats of silence and spiritual formation retreats, quiet days, and seminars.



Born and raised in Guatemala, Christine witnessed the power and mercy of Jesus Christ in a context of poverty, violence, and civil war. To this day she is most drawn to the frontiers of God’s kingdom where light is pushing back darkness, and where men and women are formed in the crucible of sacrificial service. In the United States she has also been involved in campus ministry, urban mission on the Mexican border, and church planting in Austin, Texas. She also teaches writing at a small liberal arts university, chairs a denominational task force for biblical justice, is on the supervising faculty of Selah (a spiritual direction training program), and is the director of Lumen: Center for Mission and Spirituality (a ministry for spiritual formation and spiritual direction).

Christine, along with her pastor husband and four children, lives in Austin, Texas, spending summers in Guatemala’s city dump serving in ministry to and with staff who are pouring their lives out for the poorest of the poor. Christine’s particular emphasis is working with justice workers and mission/ministry staff within the U.S. and internationally.

Certificate in Spiritual Direction: Selah, Leadership Transformations, MA
MA in Spiritual Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada
MA in Rhetoric and Applied Linguistics, The University of Texas at Austin


Terri is a wife, mother of four, and grandmother of ten. The foundation for her life is living in relationship to God the Father, Christ the Son, and Holy Spirit, the comforter. She grew up, and raised her family, in the mountains of northern California, moving to Texas 17 years ago. Terri was led into contemplative prayer over ten years ago, following a time of trauma and searching, which led to deep renewal.

Terri enjoys connecting with God through worship, prayer, art and nature. After finding a church home in the Anglican world of Christ Church, Austin, Terri served as shepherd to the artists for over five years. She loves to companion others in their vocational callings, discerning with them how the Lord is leading them. Terri is passionate about serving the Bride of Christ, loving her family well, and creating a place of warmth and hospitality. She finds deep joy in listening to the story God is writing in each individual life. Terri offers spiritual direction to women and artists of all disciplines.


Practicing spiritual direction is one of the ways that Jon encounters God. He was first introduced to spiritual direction as a student in seminary at Regent College. A couple of years later, he started attending Lebh Shomea, a Catholic House of Prayer, in the deserts of south Texas once or twice a year. In addition to being a place where Jon would meet God in the silence and solitude, while at Lebh Shomea (Hebrew for “Listening Heart”) Father Kelly Nemeck became his spiritual director. Meeting with him always felt like an invitation to step into the warm but disorienting presence of God. Though silence permeated their direction time together, Jon rarely walked away from his time with Father Kelly without having met with the Lord.

Jon’s calling as a spiritual director is grounded in Scripture with an open heart to listening and looking for God’s presence in every day life. In addition to practicing as a spiritual director, he has the gift of being married to a lovely wife with 3 wonderful children, is professionally connected to Austin’s high tech industry as a software engineering manager, and takes time to read good books, play the drums and enjoy the culinary bounty that Austin has to offer.


Lynn grew up in Western Pennsylvania where the beauty and wonder of nature first pointed her towards her Creator. An unexpected encounter with the Divine during a particularly difficult season in young adulthood unequivocally convinced Lynn that there is indeed a God who loves. Lynn was introduced to and gratefully embraced the good news of Christ while a student at the University of Texas in Austin.

After raising her (now adult) children in Houston, Lynn is thrilled to be back in Austin where she worships and serves in healing prayer ministries within the Anglican community of Christ Church.

In June 2017, Lynn will complete her Spiritual Direction training through the FIND School of Spiritual Formation in Bryan, TX. She approaches the practice of Spiritual Direction with deep respect for both the underlying authority of Scripture and the mysterious workings of the Spirit. Areas of particular interest include the Enneagram and the significance of dreams.

Lynn’s passion and greatest joy comes in pointing lost sheep to their Shepherd and keeping watch with them as He tends to their brokenness and wounds.

Lynn is a social worker, a movie fanatic, and delights in hiking with her golden retriever, Maccabee.

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
Masters in Social Work, University of Houston.


Raised by a single mom, Amy saw God provide in tangible and unexpected ways. One of those provisions was a spiritual director named Zada who listened and guided her through the loss of her father and the intimacy available to her in Jesus Christ. Due to the companionship of Zada and a community of love, Amy began to invest in younger women’s lives and eventually went on to graduate school in counseling.

It is relationship that transformed Amy as a young woman and relationship that has wooed her into the practice of noticing what God is doing and where He is moving in her life and in the lives of those she loves. She finds deep joy and privilege in walking alongside women in their journey of faith.

Amy is wife to David, mother of two teenagers, Slater and Gracie, and a learner in the ways of grace, healing, waiting and trusting God. She directs a relational healing ministry at Christ Church Austin, she teaches, keeps her LPC license current and is a graduate of the Selah spiritual direction training program


As a child traveling with missionary parents and living in Africa and South America, Eric experienced the deep pain and brokenness of the world in the sufferings of the poor, the sick, and the victims of injustice. It was there, in those same lives, that he saw the purest expressions of the love of Christ. Eric has seen the power of Christ’s healing and transformation through community, prayer, walking in the light and alongside others who help us notice God’s activity in our lives. Eric has been accompanying seekers on their spiritual journeys for most of his Christian life. Over the past few years, the focus of Eric’s personal walk with God has shifted from a reliance on personal strengths to the embrace of weakness, from independence to dependence, from running after God to waiting on God. Along this downward path he has found encouragement from the writings of the founders of Christian monasticism.

After many years of working in the sciences as an environmental and hazardous materials manager, today, Eric finds himself pursuing the arts as a sculptor and writer. He lives in Austin with his wise and beautiful, wife, Cheryl. They are proud godparents to seven godchildren aged 20 months to 22 years. Eric enjoys a wide variety of pursuits including traveling, hiking, camping, birdwatching, reading, photography, and discussing ideas with anyone. Eric is a graduate of the Selah spiritual direction training program.


Lisa attended middle school through college in Virginia. It was in college that she really started to grow in her faith through her time in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. It was here that she met her husband Brian and they married in 1985. In 1992 they moved to Austin to continue their service in InterVarsity. Together they have three sons who are now all grown and married.

Lisa has a strong desire for people to see God’s presence in their lives and experiences. She believes that by doing so, they have the potential to fully experience the depth of God’s love, and lean into their unique gifts as image bearers of God.

Lisa has always worked along side her husband as an integral part of the ministry with InterVarsity, local churches, and now in leading retreats for pastors, marketplace leaders and artists through Fuller Theological Seminary. They have a retreat space that is part of their home in West Austin where they offer guided retreat, spiritual direction and simply space for silence, prayer and rest.


Jamie was introduced to Christ as a teenager following a turbulent adolescence. Seeking the Lord involved much study, much service, and not a little legalism! After marrying while in college and obtaining a degree in journalism, she proceeded to have seven children whom she home-educated. While there were and are many blessings associated with a large family, the demands and high standards of such a life eventually led to a mid-life breakdown. Through the brokenness and emptiness of this time, Jamie found a deep well in the love of Christ that now compels her life. Jamie’s passion is to connect the wanderer, the perfectionist, and those who feel they have strayed too far from the Father back to the deep love and care of God.

Jamie is concurrently enrolled as a masters of theology student at Talbot School of Theology as well as obtaining certification from Selah school of Spiritual Direction. She has been receiving spiritual direction for two years and attests to the vital role it plays in walking through life with Christ. Jamie’s life verses are: 14 For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, 15 from whom every family[a] in heaven and on earth is named, 16 that according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being,17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love, 18 may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, 19 and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:14-19).

While in training, Jamie hopes to direct any contributions from directees to the ministry of Lumen. “When people do make contributions or payment for spiritual direction, they are not paying for the session per se, nor for advice or counsel. They are making a contribution to help support a particular ministry.” (Jeanette Bakke, Holy Invitations)


For general inquiries, please send to: ask.lumen.center@gmail.com

Snail Mail: Lumen, 709 Colonial Park Blvd, Austin, TX 78745